Distribution Transformers

We manufacture high quality, energy-efficient Distribution Transformers ranging from 10 kVA to 3000 kVA of upto 33 KV class. Our Transformers are ISI-marked or BIS-certified and duly type-tested at NABL accredited testing labs such as ERDA, Vadodara, CPRI, Bhopal and NTH, Ghaziabad. Hi-Tech has supplied distribution transformers in large quantities to various Electricity Boards in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. We are among the few companies to be on the approved vendor list for PVVNL, PuVVNL, DHBVN, UJVNL, etc. 

We offer these transformers in a number of customisations according to the customer requirements:

  • We possess requisite technical capabilities to manufacture Oil immersed or Natural Ester immersed or Dry type Distribution Transformers (as per requirement)
  • All the Transformers are offered in Copper as well as Aluminium core windings (as per requirement)
  • We manufacture Transformers with Conservator fitting or as Hermetically Sealed Transformers (as per requirement)
  • Hi-Tech Transformers provides Distribution Transformers complying with various energy loss levels, ranging from 1 Star to 4 Star or upto Level 2 (as per latest guidelines)
  • The customer can choose from a variety of body paint options for their particular order

Our Distribution Transformers conform to the specified quality and compliance standards. Each transformer are supplied with the basic fittings required for the optimum functioning of the transformer. The products are subjected to rigorous testing in our fully equipped test laboratory to ensure optimised working. Top quality raw materials, exquisite workmanship, high precision equipment and extensive testing ensure that our transformers are low on losses and high on performance.

High quality, energy efficient, cost effective and long life distribution transformer

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